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About Deregulation

Just as you have the choice to select your cell phone service provider or your car insurance company, you also have the choice to select an energy services company.

Energy deregulation has enabled consumers to purchase their energy supply from an Energy Services Company (ESCO) of their choice. Since deregulation, the utility company is no longer the only option for energy supply.

Deregulation has increased competition among energy suppliers and bolstered a free market arena for customers. It has also produced new energy innovations, products and services that customers are able to shop for and purchase.


Natural Gas Choice Programs

In 1999, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission approved plans to allow customers the option to buy their natural gas supply from companies other than their local utility company. Since then, hundreds of thousands of commercial, industrial, and residential customers have chosen to purchase their natural gas from a natural gas supplier, rather than their utility.

Today, we provide energy supply to customers served by the following utilities in Pennsylvania:

  • Alleghany Power
  • Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania
  • Duquesne Light Energy
  • Metropolitan Edison Company
  • National Fuel-PA
  • PECO Electric
  • PECO Gas
  • Pennsylvania Electric Company
  • People's Natural Gas
  • Pike County Light and Power
  • PPL
  • UGI Utilities